Photography Tours

ballooning in Bagan Myanmar

Explore Your Creativity

Let go of preconceptions. Let your camera be a tool for discovery. Photograph the unfamiliar. Become confident using your camera to capture your inspirations.


Learn New Skills

View classic sites with fresh insights. Participate in informal talks and friendly critiques. Develop intuitive skills about content, light, and composition. Sip tea with locals while waiting for a moment that inspires you to reach for your camera.

School children sharing the excitement of an image during a photography tour by Jock Montgomery.

Share the Journey

We are committed to sharing our expertise and experience to help you find your own unique vision. Your camera can be a wonderful tool for meeting locals and developing short or sometimes lifelong friendships.

We are sensitive not to impose our vision of the world on others, nor be too loud, brusque or hurried. Curiosity, respect, humility, and simple politeness are keys to thriving personally and photographically.

All ages and skill levels are welcome as well as partners and friends who would like to join but not necessarily photograph.

Please contact us if you would like more information.

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