Project Description

Annie Miniscloux

Annie Miniscloux

Annie is one of Compass Rose’s most enthusiastic and engaged trip leaders, especially on photography tours. As a creative director at a Bangkok design agency, she has significant experience in critiquing the quality and usefulness of images, photographs, and design concepts. She has designed more than a dozen coffee table books. Annie is also Jock Montgomery’s wife–so he pays extra attention to everything she says.

Annie is originally from a small island along the Atlantic coast of France. She moved to Bangkok from Hong Kong in 1992 to continue her career in graphic design. Her work includes designing books for well-known writers and photographers.

She takes a leading role in developing all the design elements for Compass Rose Expeditions, including web development, videos, photography selection, and clothing design. (See her portfolio.) She goes on many exploratory trips with Jock and helps design itineraries.

You will often find Annie searching a nearby kitchen with a spoon in her hand and her eye out for a new way to cook almost anything. She organizes culinary tours throughout Thailand and custom walking and bicycling tours along the backstreets of Bangkok. Her general enthusiasm and knowledge of Thai culture and language will assist you in your exploration of Thailand’s fascinating temples and markets, and inspire you to discover the little things in the daily life of Thailand that are easily overlooked.