About Compass Rose Expeditions

The first trip for Compass Rose Expeditions began in May of 1995 on a month-long trek, with eight clients and four dozen staff, to base camp at Kanchenjunga, the world’s third tallest peak. This trip was organized and led by the owner Jock Montgomery.

Since then, Jock has been on every Compass Rose trip. He has partnered with world-class guides to lead Custom Adventures including sea kayaking tours from Greenland to the Galapagos, mountain biking tours from the Himalayan mountains to the plains of Mongolia, whitewater trips from canyons in Ladakh through caves in Laos.

Long before this trip, Jock had traveled around Asia with his film camera taking thousands of photos building his portfolio and establishing himself as a commercial photographer. His first coffee table book, Menam Chao Phraya: River of Life and Legend was also published in 1995. This background created a perfect opportunity to lead both exotic and remote Photography Tours.

Just behind the scenes has always been Annie Miniscloux. She was on the 1995 trek in Nepal. She designed the Menam Chao Phraya River book. And she married Jock in 1998. She is a graphic designer and frequently leads Photography Tours with Jock.

Jock Montgomery and Annie Miniscloux Gujarat, India
Compass Rose

A Rose By Any Other Name….

… is not a Compass Rose.

In college, Jock majored in cartography, map-making, an apt beginning for a world-traveling guide. Every mapmaker is familiar with the symbol of the compass rose, a geometrical design which represents the nautical directions of North, South, East, and West.

Most importantly, the Compass Rose represents exploration.