Custom Adventures: Upcoming


cycling, hiking, and canyoneering
April 2020
Join Jock Montgomery on an exploration of the natural landscapes of Jordan as we hike, cycle, and canyoneer amid the pathways and artifacts of ancient civilizations.

explore the cultures of Central Asia
June 2020
Join Eka Tchvritidze and Jock Montgomery for eleven days of extraordinary lodge-to-lodge hiking, amazing food, genuine hospitality, and cultural explorations in Georgia's Caucasus Mountains.

explore Bangkok, Kathmandu, Bhutan
October 2020
Join Jock Montgomery and Annie Miniscloux on a three-country trip to some of Asia's most treasured sites and unique places, and to some of the world's most incredible vistas.

cycling/hiking in the Buddhist Kingdom
November 2020
Join Jock Montgomery and Annie Miniscloux on a bike-hash inspired adventure in Bhutan for those who like technical mountain biking and their friends who prefer hiking.

Custom Adventures: Portfolio


whitewater rafting and kayaking expedition
Jock Montgomery and Druv Rana lead a whitewater adventure with rafts and kayaks down the Mahakali, a wilderness Himalayan river on the India-Nepal border.

Touring Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Varanasi
Jock Montgomery and Annie Miniscloux lead a tour to the great cities and vast wilderness of north and west India with a stop in Varanasi.

whitewater rafting in NE India
Jock Montgomery and Druv Rana lead another exciting multi-day whitewater adventure on the River of Gold: The Subansiri River, in Arunachal Pradesh, NE India, with Compass Rose Expeditions.

rafting the Grand Canyon of Asia
Jock Montgomery leads a whitewater adventure in Ladakh on the Zanskar river--the Grand Canyon of Asia.

cycling through lower Himalayas
Jock and Santosh Rai lead you on awe-inspiring Himalayan single tracks. Ride across the northern rim of the Kathmandu Valley, then fly into the Annapurna mountain range and cycle through lower Mustang.

cycling, canoeing and hiking
A cycling, canoeing and hiking adventure through the vast cultural and historic landscape of the Orkhon Valley in Mongolia, a world heritage site known as a crossroads of continuous human civilization for over two millennia.

cycling over three passes!
Meet friendly locals in their traditional Bhutanese dress, ride through rural landscapes and wilderness, stop en route to visit quaint villages, vast monasteries and imposing fortresses built with that unique Bhutanese architectural design and elegance.

kayaking and hiking
We begin our sea kayaking exploration of the strait of Magellan from Cape Froward. From our second basecamp, a research station, we explore the summer feeding ground of migratory humpback whales, then hike Chile's wild Patagonia on foot from the foothills of Torres del Paines.

wild river canoeing and hiking
A true remote wilderness expedition where we encounter grizzly bear, dall sheep and see many signs of caribou and wolf. Our 370 kilometer river descent takes you through five spectacular canyons with a descent of 1200m through exciting rapids.

mid-winter trekking
Turning off the Annapurna Trail we explore the breathtaking villages of Phu and Nar, trekking through the narrow Phu river valley. From the village of Manang, we then trek to our end point at Jomson via spectacular azure-blue Tillicho Lake (at 4,950m), and over the Mesokanto La/pass (5,120m.).

cycling the rugged steppes
Riding through open deserts, stunted forests, rolling grassy plains and arid steppes, our expedition is supported by tough UAZ-452 off-road vans and our awesome local crew. In this sparsely populated country, the best part of our trip is to visit nomadic families in their traditional gers.

cycling east to west and west to east
A land truly built for bicycle travel: scenic coastlines, quiet mountain roads, friendly people and a world-class cycling infrastructure! Our loop de loop takes you West through Alishan Scenic Area, Taroko Gorge, along the Pacific Coast and back East on Taiwan grand Cross Island Hwy 20.

cycling and island hopping
With thousand of islands shaping up its large archipelago, the Philippines is the ideal environment for island-hopping bike touring. From Coron, we ferry to Palawan, then on to Cebu, Bohol, Camiguin, Siquijor, and Negros before returning back to Cebu.

paddling the canyons of the Orkhon River
First winding her way through some impressive canyons, the Orkhon River then meanders out into grasslands where we meet horse, yak and bactrian camel herders. Each day, we make time to venture on foot and catch panoramic views of the canyon and steppes beyond.

cyclist's Shangri-La
If you want to experience Bhutan first hand, there’s no better way than on a bicycle. We ascend three passes and along the way immerse ourselves in Bhutanese culture visiting monasteries and homes. Also included is a hike up to the Tiger’s Nest and a half-day rafting the Pho Chu!

hiking & zip-lining the Bolaven plateau
High on the Bolaven Plateau, a series of zip lines, suspension bridges, and via ferratas take you down and across the jaw-dropping Kamet waterfall. The 3-day experience allows one to explore the forest, take deeps in natural pools, feast on local delicacies in the wilderness and sleep in a tree house.

kayaking Xe Bang Fai
Deep in Khammouane Province, we paddle down the Xe Bang Fai River passing through a 6.5 km, navigable cave--one of the world’s largest! Beyond its imposing entrance the cave features spectacular giant stalagmites, rim pools, and gargantuan cave rooms.

cycling remote islands
Covered with rolling pastures and towering volcanoes, lined by dramatic cliffs and big surf, Batanes Archipelago is the Philippines' last frontier-- a must add-on-your-bucket list of cycling destination. We explore Batan and Sabtang islands for 5 days, riding on dirt and paved, paths, trails, and paved roads.