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capturing Himalayan light
September 2020
Jock Montgomery leads a photography tour and creative workshop in the high Himalayas of Ladakh to explore remote cultures, exotic wildlife, and unchanged ways of living.

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the fire and ice of Japan’s frontier
February 2020
Michael Yamashita and Jock Montgomery lead a winter photography tour to Hokkaido, Japan's frontier, a snow-covered, volcanically active island, rich with natural habitats.

exotic costumes of the Theyyam festival
Jock Montgomery and Annie Miniscloux lead a photography tour along hidden waterways and remote back roads in vibrant and ethnically diverse Southern India.

ventures in eastern Tibet and Lhasa
Kham to Lhasa photographic journey follows ancient trade routes and grants the intrepid photographer with a rich panoply of sights such as ritualized dances, prostrate pilgrims circumambulating temples, vast herds of grazing yaks, mani walls, colorful clothes, exotic hats, and burial platforms were the deceased are consumed by vultures to name a few!

exploring Tamil Nadu and Kerala
Southern India's visual odyssey is a patchwork of ornate festivals, classical arts, exotic architecture, unique religious practices, and a cultural diversity that has been intermixing and dichotomizing for over two millennia.The syncretic blend of life is everywhere.

photography tour and creative workshop
Jock Montgomery along with writer, teacher, and fine art photographer Sean Kernan lead a photography tour and creative workshop to Ladakh in remote areas nestled in the high Himalaya of Northern India.

the rugged and remote northeast
Tucked away in far northeast India are its lesser-known states. We visit the Apatani, a tribe whose older women wear large black nose plugs, experience the artistic richness of the Mishings ethnic communities of Assam and participate in the Aoling festival in Nagaland when Konyak villagers come dressed in their finest ceremonial clothes to celebrate spring planting.

the people of Gujarat
Gujarat is home to one of the world’s oldest civilizations and also to architects of contemporary India. Filling in this long human history are varied ethnic groups still living in traditional ways amidst a fast changing world. Our photography tour focuses on capturing glimpses of these lives from their daily work to their colorful festivals.

exploring ancient tea roads and waterways
Draining the southeastern part of the Tibetan plateau, three great rivers run in parallel: the Yangtze, Mekong, and Salween. From lush valleys to arid mountains grazed by yaks, this region is one of the most biologically and culturally diverse in the world and a fascinating destination to explore with camera in hand.

where tigers fly and dragons thunder
Get behind obvious facades: a monastery hanging onto a cliff is not just an architectural wonder but a fortified protection, a monk prostrating is not only a means of purifying one’s body but a two-thousand-year-old tradition, a person whirling around behind a colorful wooden mask is not just an accomplished dancer but a connection to way of life few of us experience.

in search of snow leopards
From our base camp in the heart of Hemmis National Park and with the guidance of local professional spotters, we venture every day on foot in search of snow leopard signs. Getting acquainted with the cold stark but spectacular landscape and its intense light, the excitement of searching for the big cats becomes an unforgettable journey.

a complex historical and cultural treasure
If you want to visit a land where people and place blend together in a complex, syncretic life that spans over two millennia, where each leaf of tea is handpicked by Tamil women, where travelers have ventured since the time of ancient Rome and Egypt, Sri Lanka fascinating culture bares it all.

travels through contrasting cultures
Taking us well beyond the usual sights and into the life of two different worlds, the journey travels from the iconic city of Calcutta and the Kingdom of Bhutan. Either of these places would make a fascinating destination, but bringing them together makes for a truly powerful experience.

natural beauty and devotional grace
Mingling with a variety of ethnic groups, from the colorful Shan to the unique leg rowing fishermen of Inle Lake and from the burgundy-robed Theravada monks to the everyday citizens wearing simple sandals and lungis (sarongs), we connect with a land rich in history but also caught in a fast changing pace.

A voyage through devotional beauty
From the medieval town of Bhaktapur to the Potala, the 7th century winter palace of the Dalai Lama in Lhasa, the journey explores the multi cultural layers of Himalayan secular and religious traditions and is specifically designed to cultivate originality in a photographer’s portfolio.