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Eka Tchvritidze

Eka Tchvritidze

Eka in her element, barefoot, bareback and one-handed, she’ll take you on a wild and glorious adventure!

Eka Tchvritidze is a highly accomplished horseback rider and mountaineer who leads trips into the Caucasus Mountains. Her enthusiasm is infectious. Her goal is to offer a life-changing experience.

She is also a development tourism officer in Georgia. She has worked with local non-governmental organizations to help foreign tour operators become familiar with the country.

One of her greatest passions is horseback riding, a passion which began when her grandfather insisted that, at the age of one, she sit upon a horse. “Every breath I take I think of horses and the mountains.” In 2000, at the age of 15, she won the Tushetoba Horse Race as the first woman in Tushetian history. Her thorough knowledge of the Georgian mountains along with her deep love and understanding of horses offer an unforgettable riding and trekking adventure.

Eka and her Danish husband own a vineyard in Georgia’s Kakheti wine country, producing grapes for Danieli Winery. She is always happy to share wine with their guests. Her family also owns hundreds of beehives and has a successful family honey business.

Eka graduated from Trinity Episcopal School in Virginia, USA, and earned a B.A. in International Business at the University of Tbilisi.