Project Description

Creative and Cultural Immersion in the Kathmandu & Lhasa Valleys

with Sean Kernan & Jock Montgomery

Photographer Sean Kernan and I led a group of 12 photographers to the valleys of Kathmandu, Nepal and Lhasa, Tibet. Perhaps I can organize something similar for you in the future?

Trip Summary

  • 10/5 & 6: (Friday, Saturday): Depart from home and (due to the time change) arrive Bangkok the next day. (Please arrange you own accommodation.)
  • 10/7-9: Fly to Kathmandu and stay at the Farmhouse retreat in Nagarkhot, personal explorations and exercises, both with our guidance and on your own.
  • 10/10-13: In the Kathmandu valley working on your photography with optional visits to the major sites in the valley, Patan, Boudhanth and Swayamubhu.
  • 10/14-19: In Lhasa (10/15 will be an important slow day for acclimatization), with more time to pursue your photography projects and optional visits to major sites like Jokhang, Potala, Barkhor/old quarter, plus excursions to some more remote and lesser-known sites such as Druk Yerpa, Drigung Til Monasteries and Tidrum Nunnery.
  • 10/20: Fly Lhasa to Kathmandu and connect onward to Bangkok.
  • 10/21 (Sunday): Depart Bangkok for home and (again due to the time change) arrive the same day.

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