Project Description

Kayaking the Strait of Magellan

Straits of Magellan

Camp at a remote research station and paddle among whales, sea lions and Penguins in, Chile Patagonia

This exciting expedition began with a few days of sea kayaking based near Cape Froward, the southern most point in continental South American. We also day hiked up Mt Tarn, named after plant collector John Tarn who in the early 1800’s sailed with both Robert Fitzroy and Charles Darwin. Tarn climbed this peak with Darwin.

We stayed at a cozy family run lodge beside the San Isidro Lighthouse, currently a museum. From here cruised for 6 hours to the midway point in the Strait of Magellan where the Atlantic and Pacific oceans meet. (Note how the weather changed from balmy sunshine to waves crashing over our bow—these 2 photographs were shot 19 minutes apart!)

Our second base camp was at a scientific research station located in a gorgeous protected archipelago of islands. This area is the summer feeding ground of migratory humpback whales, and is home to Magellanic penguins, various seals, sea lions and lots more. We spent our days here kayaking amongst sea mammals, paddling alongside glaciers and up a river delta. On our return trip to Punta Arenas, the wind picked up to Force 8 (~ 45 mph); and with the prevailing westerly’s now at our backs, we learned first hand, why this is considered to be one of the windiest places on earth. (54 photographs)

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