Project Description

Kayaking Bhutan

First whitewater descent of the lower Mangde Chu River, and a documentary for the Discovery Channel

This expedition, the first descent of the lower Mangde Chu/River in Central Bhutan, aired as a two-hour documentary for the Discovery Channel.

There were a mixture of paying clients and experienced expedition paddlers. Note that the person in the wheel chair, Greg Mallory, was not injured on the trip, and was in fact a skilled safety kayaker and is a class V paddler. There were a few rapids which we had to portage around, but overall it’s a Class IV river with a few V’s.

Expedition leader Gerry Moffatt, (a long-time buddy, who I’ve been paddling with since Nepal in 1983), suffered a deep gash in his shin; otherwise, everything went very smoothly. (The documentary would have you believing otherwise!) I was hired on as the expedition’s still photographer. (54 photographs)

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