Project Description

Myanmar: an Exploration

with Mike Yamashita & Jock Montgomery

January 11—22, 2014

12 days of exploration in Kyaing Tong, Inle Lake, Mandalay, & Bagan

January 23 – 25, 2014

Optional 3 Day Trip Extension to Bago and the Golden Rock

Renowned National Geographic photographer Michael Yamashita and adventure travel photographer and outdoorsman, Jock Montgomery, are leading a photographic exploration visiting the people and places of Myanmar. Mingle with a variety of ethnic groups: the colorful Shan, Palong, Akha hill tribes, the unique leg rowing fishermen of Inle Lake, the burgundy-robed Theravada monks and, of course, the everyday citizens wearing simple sandals and lungis (sarongs). All this is highlighted against a spectacular background of natural and devotional beauty, from stunning rural landscapes to ancient temples and ruins. For more information, view the flip-book brochure or mobile pdf version. Trip Highlights

  • We’ve designed this tour specifically with photography in mind—to take advantage of the awesome landscapes, the warm morning and afternoon light, and to create opportunities to photograph and engage with local Burmese.
  • Fine tune your aesthetic eye and improve your photography skills with instruction and critiques from Mike and Jock. All levels of photographers are welcome, as well as non-photographing spouses.
  • Non-photographer spouses are welcome and encouraged to join.
  • Enjoy hiking to remote hill tribes where we engage with and shoot portraits of the villagers.
  • Photograph a special Akha hill tribe village festival with traditional stick dancing.
  • Traverse gleaming Inle Lake by boat and discover life on the water: floating farms, temples on stilts, weekly markets. Meet the elegant Inn Thar leg rowers of Inle.
  • Throughout the trip photograph and engage with villagers creating their local artwork and crafts—especially around the old capitals of Mandalay, Sagaing and Amarapura.
  • Take in the vista at the Ubein teak bridge known for its spectacular silhouetted sunsets.
  • Explore the endless panorama of the 4000+ temples at Bagan.
  • Take the optional sunrise balloon ride above the Bagan temple ruins—with spectacular photo ops!
  • Head home with your memory cards full of great photos and your skills fine-tuned.

Photographic Shooting Sessions From early morning to nightfall, participants will shoot with the supportive guidance of Michael Yamashita and Jock Montgomery. This photography tour concentrates first and foremost on helping you see and shoot in new and exciting ways. The focus will be on working with and “seeing the light,” defining your composition, and creating compelling content. As you work towards nurturing your shooting style, you’ll learn how to take in and personalize those breathtaking moments that range from sweeping natural scenery to colorful human activities.

Photography Reviews and Critiques Throughout the workshop, Michael and Jock will personally review and critique the photos taken by participants and provide expert advice in review sessions.

The Photographer’s Open Eyes Being flexible and open to new opportunities is the cornerstone to seeking out and shooting compelling photographs. Consider the following itinerary as an outline, and we’ll make every effort to keep our plans flexible so we can take full advantage of photographic opportunities as they arise. A photography tour is defined in great part by the participants, and we’ll strive to accommodate and work together as a group to help each other make the most of the experience as a group and individually. While you read the itinerary you’ll certainly notice that it is packed with activities; and in order to make sure we have time to for editing and critiques, we may need to make changes on the spot. Burma is a place where unusual events (both good and bad), appear out of nowhere like magic and we’ll want to keep our schedule and mental attitudes flexible. As Michael and Jock like to say it’s also all about “being safe and having fun!”


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