Project Description

Orkhon Valley Adventure in Mongolia

with Jock Montgomery

  • August, 2015: 15 day cycling and canoeing trip through a UNESCO world heritage site.

Join us on a multi-sport trip through the vast cultural and historic landscape of the Orkhon Valley in Mongolia, a  world heritage site known as a crossroads of continuous human civilization for over two millennia.

Protected from harsh winds and climate by distant mountains, this land was first settled around 60,000 years ago. By the 6th century BCE this area was in continual use by nomadic cultures up to the modern day. This cultural heritage is still evident in the use of horses for both herding and family prestige, golden eagles trained to hunt wolves and deer, and valuing skills such as wrestling, archery, and horse racing.

We will start with six days of cycling on remote  dirt roads beginning in the town of Kharakhorum, the ancient capital of Ghengis Kahn’s vast empire. Support vehicles will set up camp on grassland steppes with panoramic vistas and views of a night sky unpolluted by city lights. We will cycle beside large volcanic outcroppings, nomadic herding cultures, and the ancient cultural and commercial center of Tsetseleg.

The cycling portion will end at the Orkhon river where we will transfer our camping gear into canoes. For the next six days, we will paddle down the meandering Orkhon river as it cuts through a vast valley, passing alongside steep canyon walls and through wide, breath-taking valleys. For those who like to fish you will have the opportunity to catch the large and sporting taimen, or Siberian salmon. While the river has a few sections of moderate difficulty, no prior river experience is required.

I would like to personally invite you to share this vast landscape with myself and our talented local staff. Please contact Compass Rose if you are interested in reserving a spot. Details of the itinerary and pricing will be posted soon.


Jock Montgomery

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