Project Description

Paddling the Orkhon River

Orkhon RiverPaddle the Canyons of the Orkhon River, Central Mongolia Canoeing Class I & II

In August of 2013 I spent 8 glorious days scouting the Orkhon River. I hope to lead a canoeing trip here in the future. The river winds her way through some amazing basalt canyons and we made time each day for excellent day hikes with panoramic views of the canyon and surrounding countryside.

It’s a remote area, but in places the river meanders out into steppe grasslands where we met horse, yak and bactrian camel herders. The paddling is suitable for beginners, (and I’ll eagerly teach you the J stroke and lots more). Depending on who shows interest I might combine it with some bicycling, perhaps a week of riding and five days of paddling? … see you on the river!

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