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Questions and Answers

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Do I need trip insurance?2014-09-21T05:17:41+00:00

Traveler’s health insurance is required and trip cancellation insurance is highly recommended.

Take a careful look at your health insurance policy to see how you are covered outside the country. A separate traveler’s health insurance policy is strongly urged! I also recommend trip cancellation insurance and lost baggage insurance.

How to choose traveler’s insurance

Compare Policies

Companies to Consider

Global Travel Shield under written by AMEX assurance company

Travel Guard

Travel Insured

World Nomads

What type of equipment do I need for a photography tour?2017-01-10T10:13:45+00:00

Although many of our clients bring full frame DSLRs with a selection of lenses, photography is more about finding and composing a scene than gear specs. A high-end, single lens, point and shoot is sufficient for capturing exceptional images.

How physically fit do I have to be for a photography tour?2014-09-17T08:06:59+00:00

These are not physically strenuous trips as on a trek, but you should be able to spend most of the day walking around.

What is a compass rose?2017-01-10T10:13:45+00:00
Compass Rose

Compass Rose

Over long centuries of early exploration the compass rose evolved from a simple floral image imprinted on the margins of crude nautical charts to help guide the seafaring adventurer.

Today, in the age of GPS, a more sophisticated version of the design is still to be found on navigational charts and we have adopted the concept for our adventure travel expeditions.

Our goal remains the same as that of storied early adventurers—to explore the exotic and remote corners of our planet and to return safely with fresh understanding of the magnificent individuality of life on earth.