Nicholas G.

His local knowledge, having traveled to Bhutan numerous times, allowed us to visit amazing places and meet wonderful people. His command of Nepalese, a language understood by many Bhutanese, also helped tremendously. Nothing was left to chance to make our trip special. [...]


Belinda S.

Biking in Bhutan with Jock was terrific fun.... It felt like an adventure trip with a kindly, well-informed friend, accompanied by other friends. Perfect! [...]


Carl R.

He’s a professional photographer and is able to convey both the technical aspects of taking photographs as composition concepts in an easy, non-technical way that I can understand and put into practice. His amiable style and ready laugh and all ’round capabilities make these trip something to look forward to each year. [...]


Sarah R.

His energy, knowledge, and enthusiasm for the outdoors make his trips something special: you feel you are with someone who deeply appreciates the natural environment – whether paddling or through a lens. [...]


Eric O.

Your knowledge of the country and people definitely made a difference. [...]


Dave T.

You have led us safely through mud and sleet, snow and ice, yak pasture and high passes, encounters with sea lions and whales—and dyspeptic border guards—all in the name of adventure and, increasingly, friendship. [...]


OneSpoon OneFork

His clients are always impressed with his good humor, in depth knowledge of the local culture, and extremely supportive guidance. [...]


Anthony B.

On a cycling trip through Bhutan, rafting in Laos or photographing in Nepal you are unlikely to find Jock needing to step up to the plate as the movie persona does, but knowing that he is capable of doing so leaves you in a different, secure space. [...]